Wholesome Kitchens

Our Customers

Emergency Management Programs

Disaster feeding requires high volume and immediate action, that’s where we come in. We have the capability to quickly prepare and transport large quantities of nutritious meals to nourish those affected by disaster events. Minimum orders may apply.

Whether you are already catering to schools, businesses, or other organizations, Wholesome Kitchens makes it easy for you to win and keep accounts by offering a variety of superior clean-label products that your clients will request over and over again. We can help you scale your business.

Food Service Management Companies

Full-service food companies are asked to do it all, but few have the organizational capabilities to do so.  It takes a big investment to build expertise in food production, onsite service, and satellite feeding.  Let Wholesome Kitchens help simplify your operation so you can focus on cost control and the customer experience.

K-12 Schools and School Districts

Our nutritious, NSLP and CCFP approved meals are perfect for K-12 schools, districts, and community programs including Public, Charter, and Private. We provide a variety of tasty kid-tested entrees to satisfy the full range of prices and palates.  If you’re looking for ways to simplify food production and increase student satisfaction, we can help.

Community Organizations

Whether you host kids or adults for summer camp, after school programs, or residential living, feeding them nutritious meals is a top priority.  Properly nourished bodies are eager to listen and learn, and loved ones today demand it.

Senior Living  Facilities

Nutrition is important for healthy aging.  From sharpening memory to fighting disease, eating right never grows old.  Our healthy meals boost immunity and promote longevity, ensuring the fullest quality of life possible throughout the sunset years.

Camps and Community Programs

Summer feeding is big business and provides caterers with year-round opportunity. Wholesome Kitchens helps you easily provide nutritious meals for community sponsored programs, summer camps, sports training, and more.