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About Us

Wholesome Kitchens is dedicated to producing and distributing real food in the places we live, learn and play. Since 2007, we have delivered millions of freshly prepared, nutrient-dense, ready to eat meals to customers nationwide. 


Our founders started the company on a simple mission:  To make fresh, nutritious, and exciting foods available to everyone, everywhere.  Our red square apple logo was created with nourishment in mind, representing a “square” and ”balanced” meal that is both dense in nutrients and pure in ingredients.


Studies show that healthy eating saves lives by boosting immunity and preventing disease. Now more than ever, it is our honor and privilege to help communities everywhere provide nutritious and convenient foods. 


With Wholesome Kitchens as your trusted partner, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time making a difference. Our easy wholesome meals will save you money and headache, and leave you wondering why you did what you did before you did Wholesome Kitchens.  


Try our meals today, and discover how simple healthy feeding can be! 

Millions of freshly prepared meals delivered annually.


Highly rated USDA certified facilities.


We believe collaboration fuels mutual success.  We build long term relationships that benefit and strengthen all parties.  We grow stronger when we align our customers’ and suppliers’ interests with our own.  We seek out partnerships where our collective efforts create extraordinary results that are unattainable alone.

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